Daily Reports

July 21, 2015

We didn’t have many boats go out fishing today but the ones who did continued to have great success.  “Osprey” went chunking in the Massey’s and came home with 5 yellowfin in the box while releasing 10 others,  “Pumpin Hard” continued with the great marlin bite in the Baltimore releasing 4 white marlin and 1… Read more »

July 20, 2015

Fishing was almost as hot as the weather here today with boats having great success offshore!  Fishing in the Hambone today was the “My Cin” who picked up a nice catch of 10 yellowfin,  “Osprey” went out to the Poormans and brought back 8 dolphin to the dock,  “Reel Chaos” had a great catch of… Read more »

July 19, 2015

There was excellent fishing all around out of the marina today!  Many of our boats were out marlin fishing and they had great success most going back out to the Baltimore.  “Buckshot” released 4 white marlin,  “Sea Slammer” released 4 white marlin, caught 2 yellowfin and 8 dolphin!  “Reel Chaos” released 1 white marlin and… Read more »

July 18, 2015

There was a lot of action happening around the docks today with us seeing young happy anglers coming back with their catches.  With the Ocean City Marlin Clubs Kid Classic starting today we saw a mix of inshore fishing with seabass and tilefish and offshore fishing with tuna and marlin.  As it was yesterday, most of… Read more »

July 17, 2015

After a blowout yesterday the fish were certainly biting on this beautiful Friday!  We finally saw a nice class of yellowfin ‘s again in the 40-50lb range with boats who ventured down in the Washington.  We saw a lot of chunks taken out of some fish from the sharks looking for a quick meal  so they are an… Read more »

July 14, 2015

We only had a couple boats go fishing today but they returned with happy charters!  “White Lightning” returned from an overnight trip in the Washington with a 220lb bigeye, 4 dolphin and 1 white marlin release!  “Marli” ventured to the Washington and released 8 yellowfin and caught 4 dolphin,  “Osprey” ran to the Hotdog and… Read more »

July 13, 2015

It was a great fishing day for our boats with most of them releasing some marlins while getting some meat for their charters.  “Osprey”  hit the docks with 1 white marlin release, 2 Bluefin, 2 dolphin and a nice wahoo in the Hambone!  Fishing in the Poormans were the “Boss Hogg” returning to the dock… Read more »

July 12, 2015

As Day 3 is in the books for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament it was certainly another great one put on by the Ocean City Fishing Center!  As fishing wasn’t the greatest all weekend it still was exciting seeing some great fish come back to the scales!  We do not have the final results for… Read more »

July 11, 2015

We had a lot of boats fishing Day 2 of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament but fishing seemed to slack off.  Boats noted there were plenty of fish marked but just not biting so hopefully they are saving their appetite for tomorrow!  With the majority of boats registered still having their final fishing day tomorrow, Day 3 is… Read more »

July 10, 2015

Wow, what an exciting first day of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament!!  The scales stayed busy with bigeyes and stringer fish being weighed!!  Most of the action happened down in the Washington for our boats trying to land a bigeye.  “Reel Chaos”  came back to the docks with 3 bigeyes and are holding the 3rd… Read more »


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