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August 13, 2015

It was White Marlin madness at the docks today as the First Day of  Capt. Steve Harmen’s  Poor Girls Open kicked off!  The Baltimore Canyon was the place to be as many of our boats returned with their outriggers full and flags flying!  “Osprey” returned with 2 dolphin and had a white release.  The “Buckshot” had three white releases and the “Tighten Up”  had their riggers full releasing 7 whites!  The “Marli” also had a great day with 8 dolphin and a White release.  Both the “D.A. Sea” and the “Absolute Pleasure” had 6 white releases!  “Fish On”  had 2 white releases and a blue marlin release while the “Espadon” had 7 dolphin and 2 white releases.  Finally we had the “G-force” return from an overnight trip in the Washington Canyon with 2 Big eye tuna and a white release!  Marlin fishing is gearing up just in time for the 24th Annual Mid-Atlantic tournament!  The Mid-Atlantic tournament really is fun for all who enter and provides participants more ways to win big prize money! The tent went up today so be sure to stop by and register this Sunday between 1 and 4:30 pm for your shot at big prize money!


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