Daily Reports

June 24, 2015

Our boats fishing today stayed a little more inshore looking to pick up their limit of yellowfin along with some bluefins.  Fishing at the Teacup “Osprey” with Capt. Joe Drosey hit the docks with 3 yellowfin, 2 bluefin, and 2 dolphin,  “Marli”  had a great trip bringing home 9 yellowfin and 1 Bluefin!  “Daug Haus”  was… Read more »

June 23, 2015

Our charter boats did not disappoint today bringing home happy anglers!  “Espadon” returned with a great catch of 49 dolphin while trolling and bailing the polyballs out in the Poormans Canyon.  The quality of fish was outstanding with Capt. Sylvain able to get his charter over 450 lbs of mahi filets!!  “Marli”  with Capt. Mark Hoos did what… Read more »

June 22, 2015

We only had a couple boats venture out fishing today but they all had successful trips!  “Espadon” with Capt. Sylvain Cote racked up some meat for his charter returning with 60 dolphin and 1 yellowfin at the Rockpile,  “Marli” with Capt Mark Hoos saw some action hitting the docks with 2 yellowfin and 10 dolphin in… Read more »

June 20, 2015

Lots of action going on around the marina with weigh-ins occurring simultaneously for both the Ocean City Marlin Club small boat tournament and the MSSA Tunament.  Captains reported numerous boats out in the canyons spreading the fish out but still another solid day for our guys who headed out.  “Osprey” was first back with 3… Read more »

June 19, 2015

Anglers playing hooky on this Friday sure reaped the benefits today!! Just ask the crew of the “Marli” who returned with 20 beautiful yellowfin! Fishing with them in the Poormans “White Lightning” racked up 12 yellowfin and 5 dolphin, “Pumpin Hard 58” returned with 6 yellowfin, 6 dolphin, and 1 White Marlin release! Fishing in… Read more »

June 18, 2015

Busy day on the docks tonight with lots of friendly traveling boats coming in to stay with us through the weekend!   There was also a lot of fish action for those boats that went offshore today!  “Marli” and “Tighten Up” both returned from the Baltimore Canyon with 17 dolphin each.  “Fish On” had an exciting day in the… Read more »

June 17, 2015

Not many boats out fishing today but the ones who did returned happy. Osprey returned with 3 yellowfin, 6 dolphin, and 1 white release from the poor mans, White Lightning came home with 20 dolphin from the Baltimore, Marli came back with 1 yellowfin, 1 dolphin, and 1 white release.  This weekend Sunset Marina is hosting the 26th… Read more »

June 16, 2015

We only had a couple of our charter boats head out today but they sure kept the rods bent!  Both fishing at the Baltimore, “Marli” with Capt. Mark hit the docks with 3 yellowfin and 3 dolphin,  “White Lightning” with Capt. Luke returned with 4 yellowfin and 3 dolphin. With Father’s Day right around the corner, a… Read more »

June 15, 2015

Well it was another fine day offshore! “Osprey” returned from the Baltimore with 7 yellowfin, 5 dolphin and 1 white release. “White Lightning” came back with 2 dolphin, 8 yellowfin, and 1 white marlin release. “Marli”came home with 1 yellowfin and 2 dolphin and “Boss Hogg” came back with 14 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and 1 white… Read more »

June 14, 2015

Great day of fishing! Evil eye returned with 8 yellowfin, Reel Chaos had 2 yellowfin, Grande Pez came home with 12 yellowfin, White Lightning had 4 yellowfin, Pumpin Hard 58 returned with 11 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, Odinspear came back with 2 yellowfin and 2 dolphin, My Cin had 2 yellowfin, Marli returned with 3… Read more »


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